Killer BBQ PorkSteaks

 It's been a minute or two since I last posted, I guess I the column that I'm writing for COMO Magazine just sapped my creativity!  Well here's a timely recipe for the long 4th of July weekend- BBQ Pork Steaks.

Pork Steaks are a regional delicacy here in the midwest, more specifically St. Louis and the surrounding area.  One would be hard pressed to find a pork steak in Memphis or even Kansas City.  So what exactly is a pork steak?  It's a cut  from the Boston Butt (what??) portion of the shoulder.  One could equate it to the chuck cut of beef, if you could find a store that still cut 7 bone steaks from a whole primal chuck and not the boneless variety, but suffice it to say that this cut is not particularly tender unless it is prepared properly.  The pork butt isa what is used for pulled pork when cooked whole.  Which makes it a great choice for feeding a large group economically, as pork steaks are relatively cheap compaared to chops or beef steaks.

Well, enough verbal diarhea. Here's my recipe for Killer Pork Steaks!

1 per person 3/4-1" pork steaks

Cheap Italian salad dressinbg

worcestershire sauce

Franks hot sauce

Hoss's BBQ Rub

BBQ Sauce (preferably one that doesn't have liquid smoke in it)

Lots of beer- some tyo cook with, more to drink!

Coat the steaks generously with BBQ rub. Smoke atn 250-300  degrees using indirect heat cooking method.

Combine 1 part each Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce, 4 parts each Italian dressing and beer.  Baste tthe steaks periodically .  After 1-1/2 hours, add bbq sauce to the mixture, and keep slathering sauce on for about 45 minutes.  They should be nice, juicy and tender at this point.  Enjoy!


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